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Mega Lightning
Mega Lightning
A red lightning used to augment powers or attack other stuff.

Power/Ability to:

Generate a red lightning to enhance the others powers or a concussive force to attack other things.

The ability of generate a lightning to increase the powers of the others but can be used as a concussive force for the other things. A combination of Electricity Generation and Power Augmentation.

Also Called

  • Electrical Power Augmentation/Enhancement/Amplification/Increase/Supercharging


The user is able to generating a lightning of red color with the capability to increase the powers of others, also the user can eliminate limits on the enhanced powers, for example: Someone who can copy a limited number of superpowers after receive a Mega Lightning, you can copy any amount of power. In the case of not having powers only affect it as a concussive force. For the other stuff this power affect them as a regular lightning. This also serves to activate the powers of the others who are sleeping inside them.

If the user is enough powerful can also be used to evolve and/or restore the others' powers.




  • If received in excess can overload the powers of the target, making it lose control of them or in the worst case scenario killing it.

Known Users

  • Mother Theresa (Sold out to Kirby)
  • Ralph (Copied, formerly lost)
  • Lucifer Sylar (Stoled and Augmented from Ralph, Deceased)
  • Blake Parker (Copied from Lucifer)
  • Spencer L. Symons
  • Westley Parker


  • This power is very similar than the Ando Masahashi's ability from Heroes.
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