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She is an member of the Akatsuki Clan and the older sister of Haruno Akatsuki.She was trained as an knight and lives up to the knight's creed.She has an mega crush on Gen'yū Kurotsuchi but Atsui Homura has an crush on her but she doesn't care.She is the ruler of the underworld And is also apart of Team Luck.


She is nice and bossy and intelligent.No one can match her in sword play she is an General in the Grand Army.

Powers Via Family Sword

Energy Sourcing-She absorbs energy from the moon and from being in an one-on-one battle.

Body Chemistry Manipulation-She can control her body's chemistry to no end and can even activate many different chemicals in her body to do different things.

Enhanced Swordsmanship-She is an master with an sword she can fight with three swords at once.

Body Language Analysis-She can read the body language of people to predict how they fight and what they are holding.

Omni-Senses-She can see and hear everything in the universe.

Health Optimization-She can see and heal any impurities in the bodies of ohters and fix them as welll as her own body.

2nd Heart-Like all Akatsuki she has two hearts.

Muscle Manipulation-She can make herself en\ven more powerful.

Alcohol Empowerment-She caries and bottle of Sake on her side in which she uses to gain powers from.

Accelerated Probability-She can see the out come of any move she does before it hits.

Accelerated Metabolism-She has super speed via this and is always physically fit but needs to eat a lot.

Fear Masking-She can hide her fear from anyone.

Sexual Inducement-She is an succubus so she can cause sexual arousal in males.

Indomitable Will-Her will can't be broken by anything.

Omni-Immunity-She is immune to all types of powers and chemicals.

Supernatural Beauty-She si so pretty she can control the haerts of men.

Density Manipulation-She can change her or object density to whatever she wants.

Precipitation Manipulation-She can make rain,snow or an storm.

Seraphim Physiology-When whelding the sword she gains the powers of an seraphim.

Self-Sustenance-She can go long amounts of time without basic human needs.

Vertigo Inducement-she can make you klumsy by messing their vertigo.

Green Manipulation-

Volatile Constructs-

War Inducement-


Powers Without The Sword

Nine Lives-

Tranquil State-

Sleep Manipulation-

Subliminal Seduction-

Enhanced Leadership-

Darkforce Manipulation-

Strong Soul-

Puppet Mastery-

Ambition Manipulation-

Enhanced Condition-

Eye Powers Manipulation-

Ocular Techniques-

Energy Twin-

Circadian Control-


Cyclone Spinning-

Animated Shadow-

Elemental Consumption-

Sui Generis Manipulation-

Underworld Lordship-

Force Armor Generation-

Endgame Move:Mine Dash-


Sword of the Akatsuki Clan.


  • Without her sword she is weak and useless
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