Fanoxean's Minions


Human (Formerly)

Monster (Currently)


Avenge his younger brother's death.

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Mason, along with his accomplices, Mitch Baxter and Parker, is one of many individuals who seek revenge against the Young Guardians for perceived wrongs.

Personality and Traits

Mason, like his accomplices, is a vengeful individual who is driven by an all-consuming hatred towards the Young Guardians. In the past, Mason's younger brother, Jimmy Mason, served a death sentence for a crime the Young Guardians arrested him for. Believing his brother's fate to be unjust, Mason sought other individuals who hated the Young Guardians as much as he did. As a result, he found Mitch Baxter and Parker, which lead him to becoming one of Fanoxean's minions.

Powers and Abilities

Monster Physiology: After becoming one of Fanoxean's minions, Mason gained the power to transform into a bat-like beast. In this form, Mason gains access to a wide variety of abilities, such as:

  • Inhuman Speed: As a monster, Mason possesses incredible speed, capable of outflanking and outmaneuvering even Triple Ace in single combat.
  • Regeneration: Like the rest of Fanoxean's minions, Mason possesses considerable regenerative abilities, allowing him to rapidly heal from various wounds. His healing capabilities are such that he could heal from life-threatening injuries he sustained from Triple Ace's vibrating swords. However, the only way to counter Mason's regeneration is to either deliver massive trauma to his brain or severing the top of his spinal column.
  • Flight: Due to his bat-like form, Mason possesses wings that allow him to fly. Mason uses this ability either as a form of transportation or for more aggressive uses, such as lifting a target high into the air and dropping them to their death.

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