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Cool! Your like an hero or something!? I really admire you so I won't kill you too fast.So let's have some fun!!!:)

–To anyone who tries help his victims

He is on an mission to save the world from violence but he is not an good guy he has plans to use an powerful chi magic to do so.
Masked Man

Favorite Phrase

Why are you crying I didn't kill you yet.

Favorite Movie


Favorite Food


Least Favorite Food

Anything Sweet


19 or 21


He hates everyone


Wabika-His trusty sword and Dhell his trusty sheild


Killing people and collecting mask


His daffy like attitude makes him seem harmless but don't be fooled he is way more sadistic then you think


Truth Manipulation

3rd Heart-He three hearts working to gether to get more blood around the body for more stamina.

Enhanced Intelligence-He is an super intelligent human he is one of the only people who can even compare to an user of the evil eye.

Property Manipulation-He can control the properties of matter and supernatural object he uses this like an master.

Molecular Manipulation-

Soul Absorption-

Soul Reading-

Cosmic Hunger-

Energy Physiology-He is made of energy and can make blast fly and it gives him Intangibility for short amounts of time he can also absorb energy but one thing you shouldn't forget about is he can even use Superpower Manipulation and he has more powers he is yet to show.

Flash Precognition-He can see what your going to do before you do it he sees 30 secounds into the future.

Elemental Aura-His aura is made of fire and electricity he has many powers he can do with this like aura weapons and aura armour and flight he can shot blast of elemental energy at you.

Ash Resurrection-When he dies he turns into ashes then reforms back to life.

Lexiconicy-He can say any word and make it materalize into the real word.

Psychic Program-He can make mental programs that can block powers or do other things but this can be done any many ways.

Mindscape Transportation-He can turn physical into thought waves he can control this in many ways he can even turn you into other types of waves too.

Sealing-He can seal various things even powers inside of you he even give items the power to seal he is infamous for sealing away souls and powers he can even seal his mental state inside other people and let the person who was switiched die for him then he wouls switch back.


His kind heart gets in his way of killing off weak opponents.

He needs a lot of energy to live

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