He is Texas Law's father who is an mass murder.


Not much is known about him.


Maximum Brain Capacity-He can use even more of his brain then an normal human no one can over think him but Susano'O.

Blade Projection-He can make blades out of things around him and make his arm blade grow by using Blade Elongation aand then make in retrack by using Blade Retraction.

Body Shedding-He can shed his body when hurt extremly and heal all wounds.

Biomorphing-He can turn into any organic life form evn mimic gods.

Candy Physiology-He was the local candy man now his skin is as adhesive as gum and as strichy as marshmellows.

Biological Assimilation-He can absorb organic matter into his body and even some types of tachnology.

Mass Expulsion-He can make his bio-mass expluse from himharming then absorbing everything it touched.

Neuronal Vampirism-He is half neuronal vampire so ha can absorb nerou-electric waves for food but it doesn't kill you.

Disembowelment-He can turn your body inside out even make them explode.

Mobile Invulnerability-When running he can't be destroyed or stopped by any force.

Sandstorm Creation-He not only can make vile sandstorms he can control it as well.

Auxiliary Organs-He has multiple hearts and other origains.

Parasite Physiology-He is like an parasite like he can absorb your life force.

Energy Generation-He can make death-force from his own body.

Motor-Skill Manipulation-He can control anyone's body.

Scattering-He turns into golden-wasp

Ice Manipulation-He does have it but doesn't use it a lot.

Subliminal Messaging-He can send small messages just by walking near you.


His powers don't always work but he is one of the strongest beings alive.

He needs alot of energy to do all of this.

The Silver Gun can kill him.

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