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Sample Female character

Her looks spell the end for all beings even zombies!She does have an 'ugly' side that no one wants to see.

Her silver hair and blue eyes make her the perfect catch for any pervert but don't be fooled by her nice nature she'll control you if she has the chance.

Powers and Abilities

Personality Alteration-She can change her personality into an completely deferent one and get an new weapon she can even make women break up with their boyfriends[She likes girls and boys].

Animal Morphing-She can turn into any animal she wants even manipulate animals she can make people transform as well.

Sexual Inducement-She posses the ability to make people sexually obssesed with her, making them bend to her will.

Enhanced Strength-She is very strong she can even break your arm if not careful she can lift up an whole truck and chuck it at you she can lift 45kilograms.

Absolute Immortality-She can't die even if being burned to her last atom she'll just adapt to the way she died last.

Disembowelment-She can turn your body inside out even reverse your blood flow.she can even reverse your powers.

Biological Assimilation-She can absorb biological matter into her body and make it fuse with her and gain their powers and can change into the form she toke and gain thier memories and powers.

Supernatural Beauty-She is extremly beautiful she can control your heart and emotions with her beauty.This works on apathy and omnilocks.

Social Magnetism-Everybody stops and stares at her when she walks into an room even go as far as to jump infront of an bullet for her.

Desire Manipulation-She can make men, women and any things with souls fall in love with her.She can make your deepest, darkest sins come to the serface like make you lust for sex or lust for you long gone youth or even grant you powers by giving you you desired powers.

Fortress Physiology-She has her minions inside of her and she can release them apon the enemy and can even trap people inside her.

Prehensile Hair-She can grip things with her hair and make it sharp enough to cut steel and diamond she can even mimic an helicoptor and fly.

Malleable Anatomy-She can change her body features into anything she wants to look like even into an another race gaining their powers.

Exaggeration-She exaggerate what she does to make her actions seem worse than they are she can even just clap her hands together and make an house explode.

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