Lord Kuma

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Vital Information

Real Name: Maritus Kuma

Aliases: King Kuma, The King of Atlantis, Your Highness, Your Majesty

Age: Unknown, appears in his late twenties

Gender: Male

Alignment: Evil

Race: Atlantean

Goals: To punish Thalakardia for her crimes against Atlanteans

Character Biography

Maritus Kuma is the curent king of Atlantis and a former love interest of Thalakardia, he started off as a fair, honest king and even an ally of Pantheon Gold but the Sapience of Laedislas, a trident that contained the soul and power of the insane sorcerer-king Laedislas, and Atlantean equivalent of the crown corrupted him. He felt that Thalakardia had betrayed the Atlantean race when she joined the Kraken and set out as a supervillain with a vendetta against the Spellbinding Siren.

Powers and Abilities

  • Atlantean Physiology
    • Enhanced Condition
    • Aquatic Adaption
    • Speed Swimming
    • Aquatic Affinity - Lord Kuma's physical capabilities and rate of regeneration are greatly increased when in the presence of water
  • Knowledge of Atlantean Weaponry
  • Knowledge of War Tactics
  • Knowledge of Fighting Styles

Weapons and Equipment

  • Sapience of Laedislas - A trident that can be summoned telekinetically or via teleportation by Lord Kuma
    • Water Manipulation
      • Water Matter State Manipulation - Lord Kuma can change water into jelly, ice or steam and vice versa, she can also manipulate water in all those forms
    • Storm Creation - Lord Kuma can summon diastrous thunderstorms and even channel the lightning through the trident as destructive energy blasts
    • Earthquake Creation
    • Telepathy
      • Mind Reading - By pushing the middle spike of his trident against his target's head, Lord Kuma can see their memories
      • Marine Life Manipulation - Lord Kuma can telepathically communicate with and manipulate all fish, crustaceans, molluscs and any other form of sea life including mammals like dolphins and whales and even plants like seaweed
    • Ocean Lordship - With the trident, Lord Kuma has the right and power to rule Atlantis
    • Evocation - The soul of King Laedislas can talk to Lord Kuma through the trident, this could be negative though as although Laedislas was apparently a wise and prudent king, he was actually in
      Sapience of Laedislas

      Sapience of Laedislas

  • Altantean Armour
    • Enhanced Condition - The armour is ensorcelled with powerful Atlantean magic which further enhanced Lord Kuma's physical capabilities, lines and runes on the armour glow turquoise while the armour is in use
    • Energy Blasts - The armour is ensorcelled with powerful Atlantean magic that allows the user to project powerful, concussive mystic energy bolts, the energyis transmitted down lines and runes located all over the armour that glow turquoise
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