He is big and dumb but powerful


He is crule and greedy and evnvious


Sloth Inducement-He can make people lazy and they will slack-off until he releases the seal or his energy is disruputed.

Volcanic Fields Manipulation-He can make volcanos explode or make volcanos srout up out of nowhere and erupt.

Black Earth Manipulation-He can control the dark earth to fight and corrupt people.

Darkforce Manipulation-He can control the darkforce he can make weapons and other things.

Omni-Immunity-He has an immunity against mental power and magical and alien toxins.

Immune System Manipulation-He can make anyone subseptable to diseases and poisons making it easer to kill.

Terrain Manipulation-He can changge the landscape around him to fit his fighting tactics.

Spatial Manipulation-He can control the scape he is in like crush the plane into 2-d form or make himself bigger.

Diplomatic Immunity-He is immune to all legal laws because he is an lord.

Stone Mimicry-He lives up to his name lord bolder he is made made of diamond not many things can hurt him.

Power Diminution-He can weaken powers of all types just by walking around an superpowerd person.

Geokinetic Combat-He fights with rocks and other earth baced objects and he has Terraportation and if he grabs you he'll use his Petrification powers.

Anatomical Liberation-He can take off his arms and still fight with them Head Liberation

Aura Manipulation-He does not show the use of this a lot.

Aerial Adaptation-When falling out of the sky he grows wings to take flight.

Adaptive Resurrection-Each time he dies he can't be killed in that same way the next time.

Spherical Form-He can turn into an ball that moves at extremly fast rates and using the Speed Force he can rip through humans bodies and mimic Phase-Morphing.


He is weak against water

Ice does alot of damage to him

he is also can't win if awesomeness is around him.

with water the petrification wears off.

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