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The following list shows the mimicked/stoled (and also transfered and erased) powers who have the next Megahumans.


Replicated as Ralph

Throught Killing (Controlled by his Intuitive Aptitude)

Without Killing

Taked as Jesus

After a telepathic attack Christian, Ralph's mind as well his shapeshifthing ability was affected. During the attack Chrisitan implant, the paintings of the Great Red Dragon. All that together create a double personality in Ralph, self-styled Jesus, with a dragon-demonic humanoid-like appearance, who wanted kill and take the powers of the others megahumans, by eating their brains while his intuitive aptitude subconsciously understand how Jesus' victims' powers works. The following megahumans are his victims:

​All this tough until Ralph was able to use its power of cloning, to separate from Jesus, and then to kill him, hypercharging him to death. All the powers that Jesus took remain available to Ralph.

Lucifer Mercury's stoled powers

Blake Parker's replicated powers

After his powers were augmented, he had access to all the powers that he copied and allowed him to copy all the powers that Blake wants without a limited quantity.

Christian Topher's stoled

Unlike Lucifer, Christian power is limited to retain only one power at a time, and when he steal a new one, the previously taked it's lost, until Christian absorb from someone with the same power.

Current Absorbed Power:

Reese Blanchard's replicated powers

Unlike Blake, Reese power is limited to retain only one power at a time, and when he copy a new one, the previously emulated it's lost, until Reese copy from someone with the same power.

Current Replicated Power:

Gabe's replicated powers

Martha Cooke's replicated powers

Her claircognizance was used only once to absorb the Blake's powers. And with that she could emulate other powers as Blake does.

Chris Ferrel's replicated powers

Samantha Reynolds' taked powers

Wilson's replicated powers

  • Enhanced Condition from an unnamed woman.
  • Flight from Clint Boyle.
  • All Ralph, Blake, Gabe, Reese'spirit and Martha's emulated powers.

Samson Winters' stoled powers

Kirby Anders' dealed powers

Perry Sylar's removed powers

Graham's transfered powers


  • When Lucifer absorb all the Ralph's copied powers, he didn't absorb his original powers, he just temporarly deactivate them. And then he was able to recover all his mimicked powers.
  • Reese thought if he could replicate Blake's power, he might be have all the emulated power of Blake, but insteard of that the recives Radiokinesis.
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