Two members of the Oz'Bora clan.The move on their own but do everything together.They are the teachers of Haruno Akatsuki and powerful users of Team Combinations.They are the Masked Man's personal body gaurds.They have history with Gen'Yu.
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This is Luka she is an alchemist.

Personality Lily

Lily is the oldest of the two sisters she is nice and friendly towards people and is always glad to help when she can unlike her sister.Lily is also the tomboy of the two.

Powers Of Lily

Thermal Resistance-Lily is immune to cold and hot climates she can survive an climate even absolute zero.

Anime & Manga Materialization-She is an otaku she caries around her favorite mangas with her every where and uses them to help her fight.

Projectile Enhancement-She can make any thing she wants and can throw into an bullet.

Musical Empathy-She likes all types of music asnd she can gainpowers from it and even project them.

Inhuman Nature-She is not human she is an rare form of Shinigami.

Personality Luka

Luka's serious and bossy persona make her unlikeable but she has an nice side.Unlike Lily she is unlikeable to most.She is the youngest of the two sisters.

Powers Of Luka

Grand Flame-Her clan uses this powerful magic flame to make people immortal or ressurect people. Intangibility-She can change her body into an intangible substance with an density of 0.02 she can go through walls and fly when in this form.

Enhanced Combat-She is an master at M.M.A fighting.

Healing Tears-Her tears heal you from any damage you took.

Fireproof Skin-She is immune to fire and heat even white and hell fire.Team Combinations

  • Hurricane Tears Heal-This is when lily makes an hurricane out of Luka's healing tears to mass-heal.
  • Grand Song-This combination is when Liliy uses her musical empathy combined with Luka's Grand Flame to cause Mass-Ressurection via song.
  • Plasma Tiger Bomb-
  • Vector Razor Blade Storm-


They both share the weakness of bad singing.


These are names of two Famous Valcoids

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