She is an Shadow elemental that helps Avery and Susano'O out on their quest to stop Gonzo Bravo.

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Shadow Physiology-She mimics a shadow and moves by the shadows of objects and lives in the shadows.

Darkness Manipulation-She can control the night because she is really Nyx the Goddess of Night also Avery's aunt.

Memory Suppression-She suppressed Avery's Memory of him Killing the now resurrected Xena Vicaris.

Twilight Force-She has a bound with the seven planes of existence.

Weapon Manifest-She can manifest weapons into being like Guns and swords.

Death Inducement-She can induce death on the weakhearted, weak-minded and weaklings but not powerful beings.

Subconscious Manifestation-She can make her subconscious mind manifest in reality to do her bidding but not only her's she can bring things from anyone's deepest depths of the subconscious mind most things are real scary.


Trivia or Request

Li mei means 'Plum' in chinese.

Li-mei may seem like an nice Aunt but she is really strict on what Avery eats and who he talks to.She doesn't think that Avery should be dating Xena the girl she always confuses with the actual warrior princess.

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