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Leo Luxas


Andrew "Leo" Luxas






F.U.A.R.A. (Feral User Animal Rights Association)




to create the biggest Animal Rights movement

Leo Luxas is a "world famous" animal activist from Oceana


Leo always grew up with animals. His father ran a Zoo, and Leo would help out part-time. then one day Leo found he could do some of the things that animals can do that people cant (for example breath underwater using "gills" instead of diving equipment). It was when he realised his ability he devoted his life to fight for animal rights.


Leo is a bit on the wild side. He is always doing things extraordinary, or just plain wacky, either way he enjoys life.

Leo's methods can make him be seen as an Anti-Hero, but his heart is always in the right place


Leo's main power is Animal Mimicry, which lets him imitate and absorb the natural abilities of animals (and some Aliens).

by being near animals all his life he has learned to cope with them empathicly

When he is near an animal, or a certain type of animal, for a long period of time he can absorb their abilities permanently.

Ablilities Leo has absorbed Permanently:


  • By absorbing too much of the animal he can start to think like it.
  • his Healing Factor cannot heal his Brain or Core Organs.
  • some of his abilities can be affected by a difference in height or weight
    • it can also be affected by the animal's personal health
  • he can only use one animal species at a time
  • when he absorbs the abilities of a certain animal he gains their strengths, but also their weaknessess too (e.x: he can have the durability of a Rhino, but also it's near-sightedness)


Modern outdoor equipment:

  • Grapple Hook


  • is from a world similar to Australia.
  • Had a dog named Shellby, whom he was very close to.
  • The nickname Leo comes from the Lion constellation, which is his favorite.
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