Leonardo demiurge is a 16 year old wizard that gets his powers a purple magic ring.His father left him as a baby after finding out his mother was a wizard. She raised him all by herself and taught him everything he knows about magic. he got a job at the age of 14 at a fast food restaurant when he was 15 his mother died. He now goes around following in his mothers footsteps hunting mythical creatures that pose a threat to to innocent people.


Leonardo is a smart,reclusive ,smart mouthed ,somewhat egotistical yet slightly depressed individual. Depressed because of his mothers death that is.


Magic ring.


As a human he doesn't have any natural powers but instead uses the powers given to him by his ring witch draws power from his soul. He uses other magical items sometimes too. The powers of his ring include.

Medium level magic: He can do a lot of things some of them are listed below.

Divination: he can see into the past present and future and see spirits tell anything about an object but he can only do it three times a day and a lot of things he can't see.

super strength

super speed



Elemental control

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