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Vital Information

Real Name: Kraken

Aliases: The Devourer

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Alignment: Evil

Race: Atlantean (formerly), Monster

Goals: To survive by consming people

Character Biography

Kraken was a young Atlantean boy who had a beautiful voice, he would sing to his lover Thalakardia every night but he got arrogant and claimed he could sing better than Abollon, the Atlantean god of singing and music, the gods punished him for his arrogance by turning him into a monstrous leviathan, anytime he tried to sing, the tortured screams of a thousand sunken civilisations would come out of his mouth. Despite his mounstrous appearance, Thalakardia still loved him and would sing to him every night until he sunk into the abyss to sleep, she would also warn civilisations that the Kraken was coming and tell them to spend the time they had left to the limit, then she would eliminate any who stood in the Kraken's way with the portion of power that he gave her which came with his monstrous appearance. The Kraken disappeared for centuries but resurfaced in modern times in Europe, he climbed down the River Thames and threatened London but was defeated by the defective Thalakardia and the rest of the new team Pantheon Gold.

Powers and Abilities

  • Monster Physiology
    • Super Strength
    • Super Durability
    • Super Stamina
    • Oil Spitting - Kraken can spit huge globs of toxic, corrosive oil
    • Aquatic Adaption
    • Matter Ingestion - Kraken can eat any form of matter, inorganic matter will turn into oil for his oil spitting
    • Infinite Digestive System


  • Kraken's various problems with being a monster and still loving Thalakardia which can be taken advantage of in combat
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