A quick photoshop of kiyoh by comicblack-d50x16r

equipped with his chi tracking necklace

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He's better known as kiyoh.


Although he has an high intelligence he is very laidback


Fire Generation

Fire Manipulation

Enhanced Swordsmanship

Empathic Weaponry-his weapon is living and it can change it's form and manifest into an living being.

Matter Transmutation-He can create any type of object with the matter around him.

Energy Perception-Via His necklace

Enhanced Intelligence-His father is an master mind so like father like son he is intelligent.

Martial Arts


Chi Tracing necklace- usally used to track the energy of shadow runners, demons, and supernatural beings.

His sword- Eppeon- that he can change the shape of into 4 other forms dagger,sword, rotation blade, giant, and sienient being forms.


Other Shadowrunners

during sword transformations he has to wait to use it.

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