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Kenaders are a celestial race of anthropomorphic personifications. Each member represents an aspect of the universe (love, war, fire, color, numbers, etc.) Their main goal is to maintain their role as "the powers that be" beyond Earth's inhabitants.


No one knows where they came from, not even the Kenaders themselves. The best source of records state that they, the Kenaders, have always been there. They have no planet of origin.


Each individual has a different personality. However, a certain piece of that personality is heightened significantly depending on the aspect which they represent. For example: a Kenader who represents "Love" can be more "promiscuous" while a Kenader who represents "War" can be more aggressive, the same can be said about Kenaders of other aspects.


These beings have the inert ability to withstand space, breath in it like as if there was air, and manipulate forms of energy based on the aspect which they represent. They do not age for they are, in fact, a form of fluent energy that has taken a mind of its own and because of this, they can also alter their appearances.


  • The major, and thus the more powerful, Kenaders share their names with Roman gods and goddesses.
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