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Joshua Rauje


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"These monsters cannot be reasoned with Pat! They are nothing but untamed rabid animals, begging to be put out of their misery. They are beyond redemption!"

Joshua Rauje, regarding the amorality of a gang of drug dealers.

Joshua Rauje was the loose cannon of The Young Guardians. He was a close friend of Patrick Donovan and a merciless crime-fighter.

Personality and Traits

Joshua Rauje had a fierce temper and greatly despised sadistic and evil individuals, willing to show no mercy to them such as when he threatened to kill a drug dealer to save a hostage. Ironically, it was Joshua's compassion and sympathy towards innocent lives that stirred his hatred towards criminals who tried to harm them. Still, despite his ferocious demeanor, Joshua was extremely loyal and protective towards his companions, willing to put his own life on the line to ensure their safety.

Powers and Abilities

Wind Manipulation: After being exposed to the Genesis Spell, Joshua possessed considerable control over the wind, allowing him to utilize it in a variety of different ways, which range from powerful whirlwinds to solidly compressed spheres of air that were strong enough and fast enough to penetrate metal and concrete.

Electricity Manipulation: Two years after acquiring his powers, Joshua's wind manipulating abilities evolved, allowing him to generate overwhelming blasts of electricity from his hands. Joshua could also combine his electricity with his wind-based powers, effectively doubling his attack power.

Flight: Due to extensive physical transformation, Joshua gained a pair of large eagle-like wings that allowed him to fly at great heights and extended periods of time. However, like regular bird wings, Joshua's wings were relatively fragile and could be just as easily clipped.

Taiven Form

Joshua Rauje Taiven

Joshua Rauje in his Taiven Form!

During the final battle against Fanoxean, Joshua also attained the state of ascendancy known as Taiven. In this form, all of Joshua's powers are augmented and he also gains new ones as well. His increased powers include:

Greater Electricity Manipulation: Joshua's electrical powers are greatly increased to the point of temporarily injuring a being as powerful as Fanoxean. When used to its maximum destructive capabilities, Joshua's electricity reaches the same intensity as an above average lightning bolt.

Examples of his new powers include:

Projectile Feathers: By flapping his metallic wings, Joshua can launch barrages of blade-like feathers to eviscerate his enemies. Joshua can also use these feathers as lightning conductors, channeling his electric attacks into the feathers to increase their effectiveness.


Helmet: Joshua's helmet was designed with numerous vision settings in its lenses. Through
File:Joshua's Helmet.jpg
those lenses, he could see his surrounding environment through the use of X-Ray, Infared, and Night Vision.

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