When you are still, the world seems still; but when you move the whole world dances around you.

–Mutsumi, I got from a Manga

Joshua Blitz was a normal kid just like everyone else he went to school played sports, but deep down he wanted to escape this boring world and find adventure.


Joshua has entered the Cyber Net world to find his sister whom has been locked inside this world ever since Heromania opened.

Powers Female form {Jezebel}

His Cyber Net avatar is female but when turns into his true form it's male. Jezebel's powers are...

Haemokinetic Combat- She has something called a Deus Ex that allows him to control blood.

Dimensional Awareness-

Data Manipulation-

True Form

In his true form he is a male and his power increases 10fold.

Telekinetic Force-

Grand Flame Manipulation-

Imagination Manifestation-

Blitz Mode

When it calls for it he unlocks his Deus Ex to go all out


His weapons

Deus Ex- His Deus Ex is called Somnia.


Nothing really due to the fact that Averie Turner has granted him with a second Deus Ex.


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