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Vital Information

Real Name: Rachel Conaway

Aliases: Rach

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Race: Metahuman

Goal: To protect innocents, get revenge on Adrian Geigilherz and bring equality to humans and metahumans

Character Biography

Rachel Conaway was just a normal student until one day when Syndicate goons attacked her school. The goons said that the wanted 'it'. When nobody gave them whatever 'it' was they started shooting, Rachel tried to save a professor but was shot instead. Her brother Matt flew into a rage, suddenly blue crackling energy erupted from his hands and three Syndicate soldiers were down. But his anger was in vain, Rachel got up without a scratch on her, she had absorbed the rifle blast. She raised her hand and a bolt of orange-yellow energy shot from it, pushing a soldier out of a window. Their classmates were scared by their abilities and backed away even the professor Rachel had saved, one of the students even called the police. Rachel and her brother ran far away from the school, a man walked past them and dropped a piece of paper, they tried to give it back but he denied it was his, the note said to meet him at a cafe. The man revealed himself to be Dr. Adrian Geigilherz, he promised he could help them so he took them in and practically tortured the twins giving them more power but less stability, they tried to escape and saw a Syndicate soldier, they realised that the attack on their school had ben set up by Geigilherz so that they would come to him and he could use them as weapons. Zachary Theroux documented disapearances of children in the area and tracked them to Geigilherz' lair, he saved Rachel and Matt and they founded the Salvation Squad as Jet and Gigavolt.


Independant, distrusting, good friend

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Absorption
  • Energy Redirection - Jet can redirect absorbed energy in a yellow-orange kinetic/heat/light mix form called Jenergy or transmit it in it's original form
    • Energy Blasts - Jet can release her absorbed energy as destructive blasts
    • Energy Pulses - Jet can release her absorbed energy as knockback pulses
    • Enhanced Condition - Jet can use her energy to augment her physical capabilities
  • Energy Manipulation (Only over energy absorbed and redirected)


  • Physical Attacks/Non-Condensed Energy - Jet can absorb lasers, energy blasts, mains electricity etc. but cannot absorb physical blows, ambient light, voices etc.
  • Bloodstorm 's Haemo Blasts - Jet cannot absorb Bloodstorm's energy blasts without becoming weak and ill
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