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Vital Information

Real Name: Azibo Bakari

Aliases: Az

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Race: Metahuman

Goals: To bring equality to metahumans and to protect innocents

Character Biography

Azibo Bakari was chased out of his home town in Egypt when he was 14 by a meta-hating lynch mob, he travelled the world for two years until he came to England and found the meta town Haven, he defended it for a while and eventually joined the Vindicators.


Easy to feel guilty, nervous, tends to worry and not think about his personal life

Powers and Abilities

  • Earthen Energy Manipulation
    • Earth Manipulation
      • Earth Constructs
      • Crystal Manipulation
      • Sand Manipulation
      • Seismic Wave Emission
      • Seismic Sense
    • Petrification
    • Earth Affinity/Earth Mimicry
      • Super Strength
      • Super Durability


  • If Jbisdahak is too far away from any earth his powers will wane


  • 'Azibo' means 'earth'
  • 'Jbisdahak' translates as 'Geb's laughter', this name may have been taken because it was believed in Ancient Egypt that earthquakes were caused by the laughter of Geb, the earth god. It is pronounced 'Ja-bis-dark'
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