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Jason DeNiro, also known as Mr. Nightmare, is a warlock with mastery over demonology and is the main protagonist of the Mr. Nightmare franchise.

Appearence and personality

He is a white haired youth, naturally given, who is fond of black clothing and wears a skin tight pleather suit with a fashioned white "X" on its chest. On his side, he carries a book holster where he keeps his Black Grimoire, listing the 9 Demons Lords that he can call upon for aid.

While he is a mook when socializing with humans, with only a rare few human girls finding him attractive, he is considered quite charismatic towards those from the great beyond (referring to creatures and beings outside of the catagory for humans). Indeed, he has more "non-human" love interests than human ones.

Unlike most protagonists, Jason is by no means 'hot blooded' outside of fights and often thinks ahead about his actions. Despite this, whenever the going gets tough- he is more than likely to throw in some heat every once and a while.

Abilities and Weaponry

For a human, Jason is amazingly tough, having once fought an entire gang over the lives of 30 under-aged girls. As a warlock, he has various abilities over dark magical energy. Outside of magic, Jason is mostly a fist fighter with experiences in boxing and street style brawling.

Whenever it is necessary, he will use his greatest weapon: the Black Grimoire of Shadorex. In it is a variety of spells, incantations, special techniques, and instructions on how to use them. Also, within the book is an exclusive list of Demon Lords (pacts like these are made consensually) which only he is allowed to invoke in order to fuel his spells.    

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