Jared Smith Montgomery

In Special People


Aliases :

Sander Reynolds

Olivia milder

Smarty boy

FBI Tommy Hansen

Gender :


Place of birth :

West Hollywood / Los Angeles

Home :

California / CA

Residence :


Occupations :

Military , Kroger , chick-fil-A

Age :


Significant others :

Olivia milder , Anna Montgomery , Alisa Singleton

Parents :

Eric & Ashley Montgomery

Nicknames by others:

Genius Calculator , Jarhead

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Character History

Season one : A man's everyday life.

Jared Montgomery and his two brother's and sister grew up in this city known as Los Angeles - California, His mother Ashley Montgomery in the previous years processed three jobs, because of how damage the Economy was and the fact that the father was never around and so he needed money to helping out his 40 year old mother. As Montogomery was meeting this black guy with a black trench coat and dreadlocks handed him a wad of money and a half of a bag cocaine for selling. Mont has two months to pay of the debt, If he doesn't have the money to pay it off like a loan from a bank. They will kill him and his family he is willing to pay it off its impossible now and a little to late to return it. His favorite actresses Olivia Milder she is 32 , Female and caucasian and has a crush on her for a very long time hopeing one day he will meet her.


Eye Powers Manipulation - Jared has powers as long he changes the color of his eyes , He's eyes has two colors brown eyes - normal human ,  Green eye - superpower human.

Eye Color Manipulation - He can manipulate the color of his eyes two colors his normal browns eyes and his superpower green eyes.

First powers to gain

  1. Water Manipulation -

2.  Illusion Manipulation -

3.   Time Acceleration -

4.   Time Stopping -

5.  Reality Warping -

6. Telekinesis -

7.Tactile Telekinesis -

8. Telekinetic Choking -

9. Telepathy  -

10. Enhanced Speed -

11. Enhanced Strength -

12. Electricity Generation -

13. Power Shifting -

14. Mindshifting -

15 . Enhanced Regeneration -

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