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A mysterious vampire who can control time.He has some connection to the Chimera war.



He doesn't do much but talk alot of trash and drink blood.


Hemapotent Replication-When he drinks a persons blood he not only can he take all they're powers but can take memories forever.

Faust Fire Manipulation-He can bring Faust fire to this world and can burn anything it touches.

Time Manipulation-He's a master at time manipulation and can delete people out of history.

Illusion Manipulation-He can make mind over matter illusions that only the strong can beat.

Enhanced Immortality-He turely can't die even if he's burnt to his atom.

Super Strength-Can bench-press 40,000 pounds.

Super Speed-He moves at the speed of light.

Grand Flame-Like Avery he can make a fire that turns anything to gold that it touches.


  • He's weak against gold
  • He's weak against his own flame
  • He's weak against Radiation
  • He's weak against magma.
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