Ja'Qual's description is based off of Saeko Busujima from high school of the dead.

She is an teacher of average hight[a little above an average females] with long purple hair with and japanese school girl uniform[Although she's an adult].The most skin she shows is when she wears an Yellow-pokadot bakini or her Black  she wears under her school clothes[only when wet you can see it] she like most females around Avery developed when he did something really extreme but for Ja'Quay it was that he'd saved the training camp from Neru.When she changed in front of him she is not that embarrassed to show him her naked body but at the beach she is seriously doing the best hiding she can so he won't see her in a bikini.



Power Mimicry-She can mimic any one's power with ease even comic book characters most people would think twice before taking on her she may be a pacifist but she could destroy an whole tank don't be fooled by her kind personality she was a top notched Intergalactic.Intelligence.Agency member

Enhanced Flexibility-She can bend in any position possible and escape from any trap easily by doing that she is extremely flexible.

Enhanced Swordsmanship-She is an master at swordplay she can use any sword but she chooses the Shi-shigami as her main one she is proficient with all types of weapons making her an hard cookie to crumble when fighting.

Psionic Strength-She can turn her mental strength into physical strength easily and then amplify it times a hundred fold.

Mystical Martial Arts-She infused darkness in her martial arts technique called Shi-shi Mai(Same thing Avery Vulcan uses) and that amplifies at night under a fullmoon especially on an stary night.This may be stupid way of fighting but not many people can beat her in Close.Quarters.Combat

Death-force Manipulation-She was one of the only known user of the death-force manipulation she can revive anyone with this and can infuse this energy with her weapons and cause some critical damage.

Soul-searching-She can find souls in the plane of the dead an banish them.

Soul-fire manipulation-She can make an fire ball that destroys an person's soul making them lose all emotion and making them lose there will.

Enhanced Forging-She can make weaponry for anything as long as she knows how it looks.

  • Reactive Adaptation-She can adapt to any situation with any power she needs at the time.


  • Her darkness infused martial art is weak in light.
  • She can't mimic those with the omnipotent ability.
  • Her sword usually breaks in an enemy.
  • She usually isn't mad but when embarrassed the strength amps up to 200 fold normal and she afraid that she might hurt someone so she doesn't use the Psychic strength that much.
  • She claims that her assets[breast] get in her but everyone knows shes lying.
  • All of her soul based attacks don't work on apathetic or Immortals.
  • she may be elastic but she still feels pain.


her description is based off of Saeko Busujima






176 cm


58 kg






Bust: 108 cm(J), Waist: 62 cm, Hips: 94 cm

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