He is an late entry in the Neo City Tournament he is an thunderbird of grat power and he showed Gen'yu who's boss.


He is an knight of greatness and fights fairly in battle.


Electrical Web Creation-He makes webs that are still lkie an spiders but with an kick of electrical energy.

Electrical Exoskeleton-His outer layer around his body protects him from physical damage.

Electrically Enhanced Speed-By charging himself up with electricity he can run at the speed of light.

Electricity Manipulation-He can control electricity but not electromagnitism he can only control plasma and fire with this.

Thunderbird Physiology-He can turn full thunder bird and take flight no one can beat him so easily in this form.

Battlefield Adaption-He is an Intergalactic.Intelligence.Agency Captain who is an master of the battlefeild no one can stop him if it's an army against him.

Ballistic Scream-He can release screams that can kill you and rip holes into other worlds.

Sensory Overload-He can mess up all of your senses to the point your temporarly blind.

Enhanced Regeneration-He can amke his arm grow at an fast rate or even caome back tolife if his heart is destroyed.

Jactitation-He can do various things with this and Gen'yu learns this the hard way.


He is weak against electromaginitism

Iron weakens him

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