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Isis is the best friend of James Mcknight who can mimic the powers of a phoenix.


Isis was born in Cairo,Egypt and was named after the Egyptian goddess. Much of her childhood is unknown, but what is known is that her power manifested at 11 years of age, when she mimicked fire.

Superhuman Team

When she was 17, she was recruited by a mysterious man into joining a team of superhumans.It is here she met James Mcknight. Surprisingly, James became the leader of the team, which Isis didn't mind.  The duo went on many  missions together.


2 years after James' leadership, the team went on a mission to prevent Diabolo from escaping from his prison. It was a gruesome battle, but they managed to stop the demons, atleast partially.

Thomas Jenkins

17 years later, James brings Thomas Jenkins to their headquarters and Thomas reveals who and what he is. After Thomas is imprisoned, she shows pity for the human and realizes she is getting romantic feelings for Thomas, despite who he really is. She makes it her own personal mission to protect Thomas from Diabolo and try to find a way to save his soul.


  • Phoenix Physiology- Isis has the traits and powers of a phoenix. She can take the form of a phoenix for flight
    • Avian Physiology- As the phoenix is a bird, she has the general powers of a bird.
    • Enhanced Regeneration- She can regenerate very rapidly from any wound sustained. This has enhanced her condition and immune system.
      • Omni-Immunity- She is immune to all diseases due to her regenerative powers. This is technically her first aspect of her power to manifest, because she was never sick as a child.
    • Enhanced Strength- Her physical strength is strong enough to pick up entire trucks and buses of great size
    • Blue Fire Manipulation- She can generate and manipulate blue fire. Her fire is much hotter than regular orange-fire-based users
    • Fire Mimicry- She can transform fully into fire.
    • Healing Tears-Her tears have healing properties.
    • Light Manipulation- She can generate and manipulate photons for various purposes, such as invisibility and illusions.
    • Ash Resurrection- If she is killed, she will automatically burst into flames and become ashes. She will emerge from said ashes reformed and restored
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