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Vital Information

Real Name: None

Aliases: None

Age: None, appears in her late teens

Gender: Appears female

Alignment: Evil

Race: None, Illusory Being

Goals: None

Character Biography

Invidia is the embodiment of Bastion's guilt about any acts of envy, jealousy and resentment he has committed in the past, she is a telepathic illusion formed by Tartarus but her powers are sourced from both Tartarus' telepathy and Bastion's telekinesis. She takes the form of a girl in her late teens with green-tinted skin and hair, green robes and silver jewellry with incrusted emeralds however she can take the form on anyone.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapeshifting - Invidia can alter the perception of others of herself, taking the fom of anyone she wants, this is sourced from Tartarus' telepathy
  • Optic Blasts - Invidia can project blasts, bolts and beams of green kinetic energy from her eyes, this is sourced from Bastion's telekinesis however the visual effect is the work of Tartarus
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