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Vital Information

Real Name: Joshua Boss

Aliases: J-Boss, The Blazing Man

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Alignment: Evil

Race: Human

Goals: To kill Archangel

Character Biography

Joshua Boss was one of the best military weapons designers in history, until Archangel came to Earth. When the alien destroyed a city during a rampage, he also destroyed Boss' headquarters and ruined all his designs, later he found out that his wife had been one of the people to die by Archangel's rage and then the army fired him, he had lost everything and it was all because of Archangel. The only thing he had left was revenge, so he used his remaining weapons, travelled to a military base and stole all the Infernum, a metal from Archangel's escape pod that was discovered to be his only weakness, and built a weapon out of it, this weapon was a suit mounted with Infernum-based weaponry. Boss took the codename Inferno and swore to kill the Archangel.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Knowledge of Engineering
  • Knowledge of Physics
  • Knowledge of Chemistry
  • Knowledge of Ballistics
  • Knowledge of Explosives

Weapons and Equipment

  • Inferno Armour - A full suit of armour made of solid Infernum and powered by plasmic Infernum otherwise known as Hellfire
    • Thrusters - Palm and footsole-mounted, flight-capable, Infernum-powered rockets
    • Motorized Muscle Enhancers - Hydraulic system everywhere on the armour giving the user enhanced strength, speed and agility
    • Hellfire Blasters - Palm-mounted ranged weapons that can release concentrated blasts or condensed, explosive balls of hellfire
    • Infernum Plates - Armoured plates of solid infernum located all-over the armour that greatly enhances the user's durability, especially against Archangel's powers
    • Infernum Blades - Retractable wrist-blades that can cut through solid steel
    • Infernum Claws - Retractable claws that can cut through solid steel
    • Infernum Minigun - Shoulder-mounted gating cannon that fires bullets of solid Infernum
    • Hellfire Missiles - Hidden shoulder and wrist missiles that explode with an abundance of condensed hellfire
    • Hellfire Aura - Hidden vents located all over armour that project hellfire in an aura around the user


  • If the armour's Infernum core is disrupted in some way it could blow up, causing a devastating explosion
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