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Vital Information

Real Name: Melissa Hartwell

Aliases: Misty

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Goals:to protect innocents

Powers and Abilities

Ikon has a fair amount of experience with Runic Magic, she is a Protean and can perform Fundament Creation, Event Creation and Commandment. However she is primarily a Commander, secondarily a Fundamentalist and tertiarily a Fabricator. 

Known Runespells

Rune Translation Effect Magic Type              Rune Colour    
Sleep Sleep Inducement Commandment Indigo
Fire Fire Blast Fundament Creation Orange
Restore Healing Commandment Golden
Die Death Inducement Commandment Black
Sword Sword Summoning Fundament Creation Blue
Protect Force-Field Commandment Golden
Rise Levitation Commandment Golden
Destroy Destruction Commandment Red
Open Access Commandment Yellow
Seal Occlusion Commandment Yellow
Ice  Ice Blast Fundament Creation Light Blue
Burn Combustion  Commandment Orange
Explode/Explosion Explosion Inducement Commandment/Event Creation Orange
Darkness Darkness Generation Fundament Creation Black
Light Light Generation Fundament Creation White
Water Water Blast Fundament Creation Blue
Freeze Paralysis Commandment Green
Conceal Invisibility Commandment Blue
Shatter Shattering Commandment Blue
Melt Melting Commandment Orange
Evaporate Evaporation Commandment Blue
Wind Air Blast Fundament Creation White
Lightning Electric Blast Fundament Creation Blue
Strength Enhanced Strength Fundament Creation Red
Speed Enhanced Speed Fundament Creation Blue
Agility Enhanced Agility Fundament Creation Yellow
Stamina Enhanced Stamina Fundament Creation Green
Durability Enhanced Durability Fundament Creation Orange
Lava Magma Blasts Fundament Creation Orange
Force  Kinetic Blasts Fundament Creation Blue
Activate Activation Commandment Blue
Deactivate Deactivation Commandment Red
Whirlwind  Tornado Creation Event Creation White
Earthquake Earthquake Creation Event Creation Green
Inferno Firestorm Creation Event Creation Orange
Pull Attraction Commandment Blue
Push Repulsion Commandment Yellow
Acid Acid Generation Fundament Creation Green
Spin Rotation Commandment Blue
Feel Fear Fear Inducement Commandment Red
Feel Rage Rage Inducement Commandment Red
Feel Calm Calm Inducement Commandment Blue
Blight Illness Inducement Commandment Green
Grow Plant Growth Commandment Green
Slow Temporal Reduction Commandment Indigo
Stop Temporal Stasis Commandment Indigo
Rust Rust Inducement Commandment Orange
Lubricate Lubrication Inducement Commandment Blue
Stick  Traction Inducement Commandment Green
Sand Sand Blast Fundament Generation Yellow

Bodily Runes 

Ikon has a series of runes planted on her body, the Commandment runes are activated by touching them with her Runeclaw but the Fundament Creation spells can be activated by though, this is all done via Postgraphic Activation. The runes only become visible when activated but Ikon seems to know where they are intuitively.

Rune Translation Effect Location Magic Type
Conceal Invisibility

Left Hip

Force Kinetic Blast Right Palm Fudament Creation
Protect Protection Left Forearm Commandment
Rise Levitation Left Shoulder Commandment

Weapons and Equipment

  • Runeclaw - Armoured glove that channels Ikon's magic
  • Elven Dictionary - Dictionary that contains many elven runes however it is very hard to navigate


  • If Ikon's right hand is trapped or her Runeclaw is removed, she is virtually powerless
  • If Ikon makes a mistake with her runes it may have a completely undesired effect
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