Hyacinthium is an element found only in Russia, it was discovered by Soviet scientists in 1980 during the Soviet War in Afghanistan. It has special qualities which allows it to attract photons, but these qualities only activate when the metal is moving at a speed faster than 10mph and the only photons with any significant attraction are the ones in the direction the Hyacinthium object is travelling. This whole process is known as 'Photonic Magnetism'. However, because there is almost always a much higher ratio of photons to Hyacinthium, the metal acts as if it is attracted to the photons, meaning that it can latch on to any photons in front of it and pull itself forwards, this causes the Hyacinthium to move at supersonic speeds. The used photons fall behind the objects and refract into a blue, light trail. This whole process is known as 'Photonic Slipstream'. The Soviet Union used the metal in the form of bullets during the war because as they reached a certain speed they powered themselves meaning that they required much less gunpowder, they only needed enough to reach 10mph until they became a deadly weapon. The only disadvantage is that it takes a few inches to reach 10mph meaning that at point blank range it is unlikely that it will kill. It is called Hyacinthium from the Latin word 'Hyacintho' meaning 'blue' because of the blue trail it makes. It is fairly magnetic. It retains none of it's photo-magnetic qualities in liquid or gaseous form.

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