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She is mean and Crule


Astral Projection- The power to separate one's spirit from one's body. She is able to possess people.

Animation- Hope can use her aura to give crude life to inanimate objects as her guardians.

Body Immobilization- Hope has the ability to freeze people in space.

Vector Manipulation- Hope can redirect matter and energy either through direct or indirect contact.

Gravity Manipulation- Hope has the ability to manipulate or generate gravitons.

Flash Step- The power to use bursts of speed allowing the user to move faster than the eye can track

Cryokinesis- Hope can generate and control ice.


When really angery she will not stop until she kills you

May battle over conscious if posessing someone

Has to be in a unconscious state while riding the astral plane

Limited on how long she animation can last.

Can only works with people.

Can only "freeze" so many people at a time

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