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Herophile (Sibylla)



Eye/Hair Color:

Sea Green/Golden Brown




Sea Nymph


Olympus, The Sea


To assist the Heroes of Greece

Herophile (Sibylla) is the Daughter of Poseidon (Neptune) and Aphrodite (Venus), and the twin sister of Rhode (Perseis).


Herophile was once just one of the Heliai, a group of Sea Nymphs who rode on the backs of Sea Creatures, until her Half-Brother Triton told her of the many stories of brave heroes.


although a little rebelious she always fights for the good cause

Abilities & Powers

Through her father she has little authority over the Sea, and through her mother she has the power to alter human emotions

  • Hydrokinesis: She can control water in any form
  • Shapeshifting: She can change her appearance to fit her needs
    • Water Mimicry: She can change into a watery form for defensive or evasive strategies
    • Human Mimicry: She can change to and from a human to a Sea Nymph at will
  • Waterbreathing: She can breath underwater for an unlimited time
  • Pathokinesis: She can alter the emotions of mortals
  • Charmspeak: She can persuade mortals to do her bidding
  • Immortality: She can live for an indefinate amount of time and cannot be killed by any way of man or beast
  • Super Strength: she can lift great weights

Granted Abilities

  • Prophesy: from Apollo she can divine the future
  • Enhanced Combat: from Ares she has gained the ability to fight in inhuman ways


She has a blade she named Thálakardiá, which means "Heart of the Sea."


  • She is known as "the Friend of Heroes"
  • her twin sister Rhode is the patron of the island of Rhode, and one of the wives of the Sun Titan Helios
  • Her Roman name is Sibylla
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