Uondarando:Finally my debet I can't wait to fight the fresh meat Gen'yu has brought here to test right Alpha-sensei?

Alpha:Yeah they seemed to have won thier matches with ease but I wounder if Genny remembered to tell them that ther was an second part to the test?

Gen'yu:Okay all who joined my team goes with me on this road all who aren't with me go that way on the hunted road.

Samui:Why do we have to go down the hunted one anyway why can't you go down there?

Gen'yu:Because it's probably like Sarayashiki on that road so I think I should just go this way.


Gen'yu:What was that Captain?


Gen'yu:Hope you guys don't see Hitodama.

Yatagetsura:Dude me playing Pachinko will not curse us for the last!!

Gen'yu:Ok but don't die.

Yatagetsura:I'm going to kill you if my sisters die.><

Gen'yu:See ya.

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