Lily:It's time for you to be tested.

Haruno:Don't take me lightly.

Lily:Oh you'll be done quickly.

Luka:I'm not going to hold back little girl!!

Haruno:I don't care because I'll win.

Gen'Yu:Atta girl show em who's boss!!


Atsui:Do you really think she can win?

Gen'Yu:Haruno is one girl who has the power to do so and I'm positive she can win.

Atsui:If you say so.

Gen'Yu:[In Head] Come on babe show them that your not just another pretty face.

Gen'Yu:Okay let the match begin!!!

Haruno:Okay I'll go first ..Cloth Whip!!

Lily and Luka:Your to slow!

Lily:Flash step!!

Luka:Blast fist!!

Gen'Yu:Lily has used her flash step ability to move at the speed of sound and disappear into thin air!How will Haruno block her incoming attack and hoe will she cope with the explosive fist of Luka.


Luka:Done already?

Haruno:No not yet...I..still have fight me.

Lily:Behind you...sonic punch!!!

Haruno:Ahhh!!Ow ow ow that really hurt!![In her mind] Damn it how can I beat her she moves too fast for the eyes to see and her sister punch will kill me if I take any more hits.

Luka:Never take your eyes off an enemy stupid!Blast Fist!!!

Lily:Flash step!!!Where will I strike from next?

Haruno:Oh no!!!

Lily:Flash punch!!

Luka:Explosive Impact!!!

Haruno:Damn!!Damn it damn it!!I'm going to die tonight if I don't do something!!Wait that's it!!

Haruno:Eat this Puppet Master technique:Living puppet!!!

Lily:Wait what an puppet made of blood?It's attacks are strong can't win!

Luka:What so...powerful!!!

Gen'Yu:What stop it Haruno!!

Haruno:I can't!!

Masked Man:Sonic Disk.

Narr:As the masde man's disk killed the living puppet an new captain appeared.

Yatagetsura:Call the battle off now Gen!!

Gen'Yu:Okay okay Captian Yatagatsura Battles over it's an draw.

Haruno:What why?

Yatagetsura:You used the puppet master technique an forbiden one at that in the battle so your disqualified from the test right Gen'Yu?

Gen'Yu:Well yeah I guess so but don't you think that's an little unfair?

Yatagetsura:No now let's go little sisters.


Luka:Yatagetsura you can't do this it's our match tell him Gen'Yu!!!


Gen'Yu:Wait I'll let it slide for just this once but no more puppet master techniques Akatsuki Haruno am I understod?

Haruno:You well!?!?I understand Gen'Yu I won't let you down!!

Masked Man:Nice move Kid...

Gen'Yu:Match resume!!!

Lily:I quit.

Luka:Me too.

Gen'Yu:Wait what?


Lily:It seems stupid to fight an powerful enemy when your not at their level so I changed my mind about the match.

Luka:Me too we'll take an rain check for another match some other time okay?

Gen'Yu:Well that means the ravishing rose Haruno Akatsuki wins!!


Lily and Luka:In two years we'll finish this match and you better be ready!!

Haruno:I'll be ready for you!

GenYu:Well the next match plaese start?

Atsui:Okay but the order is out of wack sence the last match went first.

Sai:That doesn't matter we'll win sence it's two on one.

Texas Law:Nope just one on one.

Sai:Huh why.

Texas Law:D-CUP sized throw!!

Sai:Ahhhhh!!!The pain feels so good!!

Gen'Yu:Your wierd.

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