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Template:Mature Atsui:So your an girl?Wow I did not see that coming.

Narr:Leave it to Atsui to say something like that.Now lets see what the others are doing.

Samui and Duke

Samui:I'ma goona kill you!!!!

Duke:Please don't?

Haruno and Gen'Yu

Gen'Yu:I knew it was you the whole time.



Haruno:I going to kill you!!

Narr:Now back to Atsui and Sai.

Sai:What's wrong with you look like your about to crap your pants!

Atsui:So what is your you know your breast size?

Sai:Just because you saw them doesn't mean you can ask me that perv.

Atsui:So were you born a boy or girl?

Sai:I was alwas an girl.

Atsui:You sure?

Sai:Yes I'm sure I'm pretty sure I know my own gender!!

Gen'Yu:Hey guys behind you it's us your friends Gen'Yu and Haruno!!

Haruno:Hey guys I going to kill Gen'Yu so if you don't mind I'm going to break his neck.

Sai:Wait how do we know your not a fake.

Gen'Yu:Because your breast size is actually 84cms[D-cup] and Atsui is evil because of what the pedo bear did to him.

Atsui:What are you talking about?[Forced Laugh]

Sai:Of cource you would know that.

Duke:Move it!!!!!

Samui:Okay now I'm mad Samui smash!!!!

Narr:The ground exploded into an cold fire that froze everything but the group.

Samui:Do I look like an boy to you Duke answer corectly if you value your life.


Samui:Damn straight I don't.

Gen'Yu:Yes you do..Your super flat I mean I thought you were an chopping boared when I first met you.

Samui:You better sleep with one eye open tonight bitch.

Gen'Yu:I don't sleep.



(Sound Effect[Crash crumbling rocks])

Narr:Masked Man had thrown old man through an rock solid wall then walked through.

Masked Man:Your an girl?Oh I guess I owe Freyr 100,000RYO.

Kyousake:Ow that hurt a lot now..

Masked Man:Awe shut up old man we finally get screne time and you act like this?Man why did I have to through 'THAT' wall?


Atsui:Old guy who I'm going to kill!!

Kyousake:What was that son?


Kyousake:I know your going kill me after I'm all beat down but to repay that I liked you the least out of my two kids.

Atsui:Oh your so dead old man.

Samui:Hey have you noticed all of these dead bodies lying around what are they doing here?

Gen'Yu:Haruno can you cut them with this sword?

Haruno:Um okay.

Narr:Haruno started cutting bodies with the sword.To her her surprise they were still alive.

Haruno:How did you know they just playing dead?

(Sound Effect:[Chop, chop, chop])

Gen'Yu:Oh I didn't I just like to see people kill other people.


Gen'Yu:It's funny!!

Kyousake:Never mind that what about me I...

Masked Man:What ABOUT you?

Kyousake:I'm going to...

Gen'Yu:If you think that's messed up just see how I react to someone saying they were Raped.

Haruno:If you laugh your dead.

Masked Man:Should I kill him some other time or what?

Gen'Yu:No it's okay when we say our back stories an how we got our powers then you can say something got it?

Masked Man:Um okay then die Kyousake!!

Narr:Masked Man punched Kyousake through a wall hiting them to the next room.The gang followed,


Atsui:Old fart don't die just yet!!!!

Gen'Yu:Your so weird Atsui.

Atsui:That's why I'm going to kill Haruno at the end of the next Ark.

Haruno:Wait why me?

Atsui:Because your back story is the reason why this is an mature story.

Haruno:That's no true!

Duke:Yes it is.

Haruno:Shut up.

Kyousake:Yeah I was just thrown through a wall so in pain down her....

Haruno:Shut up no one cares about you!!

Atsui:Well now is my time to strike!!

Masked Man:Crap my hand hurts.

Narr:Atsui jumped down next to his father then kicked him in his head.

Kyousake:Ow that...

Atsui:No one cares about that's why like our mom you died in the Intro Ark!!

Kyousake:I blame Truth™ he knew that I didn't have character background so I died quickly and..

(Sound Effect:[Stomp])

Atsui:Die die die die die die die die DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you old fart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masked Man:Hey kid you can't kill him because this was just an test to see if you were ready for the I.I.A and you passed.


Samui:Gen'Yu did you know this because if you did your now my bitch!!!!

Gen'Yu:[In Mind]If I say yes she'll so I'll do the smartest thing to do when talking to an flat girl.[Aloud]No I did not know.[In Mind]I Hope she fell for it?

Samui:Oh okay.

Gen'Yu:[In Mind]Yea I'm safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samui:I know your lying now your my bitch so wear this.


Samui:Wear the fucking Neruto Headband!!!

Gen'Yu:Umm no but I will say 'Believe It'!!!!!!! If that makes you happy.

Samui:Okay but one question who is your favorite Power Couple ib Naruto?

Gen'Yu:Well I'd have to go with Naruhina or Tenji?


Gen'Yu:Yeah you know Neji and Tenten!!:)


Kyousake:My head hurts and my son is a...........

Atsui:Whaoo whaoo who the fuck said you could talk?Because I sure as shell didn't!!!!

Maksed Man:It was an test dude calm down.

Atsui:Oh right an test.Sorry father.

Kyousake:Go fuck yourself.

Atsui:I'm totally gonna kill you now.

Narr:So he did he stomped Kyousake's head in.

Haruno:Should we just allow him to do that?

(Sai's sound effect:[Seductive Moan])

Sai:I get off to this type of stuff.

Gen'Yu:Girl your weird.

Samui:Okay long as I get to jion the I.I.A I really don't care.

Kyousake:I'm still alive.

(Sound Effect:[Gun shot])

Texas Law:Now your shot dead.

Atsui:Hey I was going to do that!Who the hell are you!?

Texas Law:Your mom bitch.

Atsui:My mom is dead you batard!

Texas Law:Yeah does it look like I care?No it doesn't becayse my name is that of the Lone Star State and my surname is Law so what now?

Atsui:I'm so going to kill Haruno for that!

Haruno:Why me!?!??!?!???!?!??!??!?

Kyousake:Shut u....are you gonig to cut me off this ti..

Atsui:Shut up you old fart and shut up you ead head no onw cares you were Rap...

Over Seer:Dude we can't say that yet.

Over Seer#2:Yes we can.

Over Seer:No not yet just wait for the right tme okay?

Over Seer#2:Okay sure.

Narr:After Atsui was cut off we somehow ran out of time so see you in the next one.


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