She is almost exactly like her brother but an girl.She has an crush on Texas Law. She is usually seen sucking on an Lollipop that keeps her body cool in hot conditions.She is one bossy girl she hates not getting what she wants she is nice to Gen'yu but not to Haruno Akatsuki


She is loud and bossy


Power Negation-She can stop powers just by being around you.

Yuki-Onna Physology-She is an woman of ice she controls ice and mimcs it she is extremly beautiful you can't look away when she around.

Prescience-She knows everything before it happens.

Flash Bang Generation-Her skin blinds you that's why she usually wears full body clothing.

Holy Fire Manipulation-She can create holy fire and use it any way she wants.

Night Vision-She can see well at night and in panaramic vision.

Flawless Restoration-

Oxygen Independence-


Fire-based moves


  • Yukigomo-Her whip she uses to fight with
  • Chizukaze-Her trusty skateboard that she uses to help her fight.
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