The androgynous daughter of Jace Van Alcard and Emi Le Beau.She likes Avery but dislikes Xena and Charity because all three of them are vying for his love.She is the opposite of Xena=[Xena being a tomboyish girl] and [Haku being mistaken for a boy]



Morphogenetic Field Manipulation-She can copy any animal/creature that ever lived in the omniverse.

Amorphous Physiology-She can mimic think solid stuff like goo.

Prehensile Tongue-She has a long tongue she uses to grab thing with.

Digestive Assimilation-She can eat certain objects that gives her her powers temporaryly.

Supernatural Beauty-She is extremely beautiful like her mom and isn't under using her beauty to get what she wants.

Lyra Physiology-Unlike her Mother Father she is an gifted singer and wants to be in a band If she can pass the I.I.A test

Sexual Inducement-She can arose sexual intent of males.Measurements:Ht:163cm HIP:65cm WAIST:46cm and Bust:97cm


  • She hates it when I.I.A members call her a boy but she's really a girl.


Both Haku[Japanese] and Dunois[French] means white.

Her Design is similar to Charles/Charlotte Dunois From Infinite Stratos and Haku because a three of the Were Mistaken for being the opposite gender.[Haku a girl], [Charles/Charlotte Dunois an androgynous boy] & [Haku Dunois].

She was originally planned to be a boy until I changed 'Him' to a 'Her' after Using the metric system for the other female characters of mine and sall an perfect opportunity to make a good female character.

Although her Dad's a Germany/Romanian Vampire and her mom is a Succubus she was born a Lyra which is on Emi's side of the family.

Her Breast may be an [E-cup] people still thinks she a boy.Even Avery jokes about it playfully.

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