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Gregory Kennedy


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The Young Guardians


Human (Formerly)



Purge the world of evil.

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"He has the right to dream of the supernatural."

Gregory Kennedy was the social member of the Young Guardians.

Personality and Traits

Gregory Kennedy was very social, wanting to become friends with almost every person he meets. Upon receiving his psychic powers, due to his social nature, Gregory did not want to read people's minds without their consent. Although while he was on duty and when the time called for it, Gregory was willing to use his telepathy to extract information to solve a case. Because of his natural affinity with the people around him, Gregory was always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. It was this trait that made Gregory dedicated to the Young Guardians' cause.

Powers and Abilities

Telepathy: After his exposure to the Genesis Spell, Gregory was able to read other people's thoughts, allowing him to know exactly what they are thinking and feeling whether if it was vital evidence to a case or just personal opinions. Although, even though Gregory could hear the thoughts of others, he could not always control it, causing him to read their minds by accident.

Telekinesis: In addition to being able to read people's minds, Gregory could also move a wide variety of objects using only the strength and will of his mind. His talent in telekinesis was strong enough to easily hoist a bus and precise enough to levitate a coin. Two years after he acquired his powers, Gregory's telekinesis evolved to the point in which he could manipulate the individual atoms in an object either by rearranging them or disconnecting them from one another.

Enhanced Intellect: Because Gregory's psychic powers give him access to a greater percentage of his brain, he has gained a considerable knowledge of how to operate electronics, which allowed him to organize the Young Guardians' network of hacking police transmissions so that they could locate almost any threat the police could not handle on their own.

Taiven Form

During the final battle against Fanoxean, Gregory acquired the state of ascendancy known as Taiven. While in this form, Gregory's psychic powers are vastly augmented. Examples of his amplified powers include:

Matter Manipulation: In his Taiven Form, Gregory can manipulate all the matter in his surroundings and utilize them in a wide variety of ways, such as gathering matter on an atomic level and using it into an attack that would vaporize most enemies.

Teleportation: By manipulating the individual atoms in himself or another person, Gregory can transport them to another location in a flash of light.


Cloak: Gregory's cloak can grant him limited invisibility, allowing him to infiltrate virtually location without his targets noticing.


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