Rai-jin form

Gonzo is a lying and manipulative Omnipotent being.He is a vile and melevolent being that is trying to make the whole world an destructive cesspool of warfare but not if The Rebellion has something to do about it.


He scares everything that looks at him.


  • Fear inducement-He scares everything that looks at him.He can even control people this way.
  • Slime Physiology-His true form is that of a slime shape thing not many have seen this form.
  • Raiju Physiology-One of his iconic forms is that of an raijin that is made out of Pure Pyro-electric energy.
  • Void Walk-When in motion he can not be touched by anyone in the existential plane.
  • 2nd Heart-
  • Fear Manipulation-He can make people's fears into an reality that is very destructive and can't be stopped unless the victim gets over the fear.
  • Tranquil State-
  • Omniscience-He knows everything thing in the omniverse and he knows that Avery Vulcan and his friends will defeat him.
  • Soulless Being-
  • Dehydration-He can absorb water from objects killing them in the process.
  • Unpredictability-
  • Life-force absorption-He can absorb all life force to kill people he can make objects crumble into dust.
  • Sealing-
  • Enhanced Regeneration-He can regenerate so fast it looks as if he never got attacked.


  • He can only be sealed inside of Ottogami book.
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