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Gii Krone Is a powerful and young technomancer.His father is the one who made Nikki Alburn and gave Andrè Alburn Odin's eye. Gii has internet access points all around the world so he can make an electronic computer interface anywhere.


He is lazy and loves to play.


Locomotive Invulnerablilty-When running he is invulnerable to all physical attacks and magic but not mental attacks.If hit while running he can cause an lot of damage to you.

Electricity Manipulation-He can create and control electricity like shooting bolts of it or making E.M.P waves cutting off electronics or Controling the E.M.F. around the Earth.

Electronic Computer Interface Creation-He can create his own computer interface wherever he wants.[He uses this to control robots he makes or take control of].

Mechnomancer-He can summon great Mecha-cast to his side for battle.He can only summon four at a time.He can create mecha-cast out of nothing.

Technomancer-He's a powerful technomancer being able to control all forms of technology with just a thought.

Video game imprisonment-He carries around his favorite game system[Usually drawn as a PsP or a Nintendo 3ds] in which he can imprison his enemy[He's like an omnipotent being inside the game].

Technological Assimilation-He can absorb all forms of technology into his body and use them to fight.

Exaggeration-He can exaggerate punches to do more damage than normal or do super jumps and mimic super speed.

Digital Form-He can mimic data to hack computers and destroy virus in the security system.

Technology Symbiosis Armour-He can fuse with an mecha-cast to make armour he not only gains the mecha-cast's powers he gain thier weaponry and memories.

Emphatic Powers-Depending on his mood he can gain random powers.

Muscle Manipulation-He can make his muscles huge so he can fight he even can lift up up to 4,500ibs of weight.

Enhanced Marksmanship-He is incredible with guns he can't miss any shot with his gun.

Pyroclastic creation-He can make pyroclastic dust which is what comes out an volcano this can burn anything into dust.

Electromagnetism Manipulation-He can control electromagnetism making compasses screw up or make himself float by controling the iron inside his blood giving him blood manipulation.

Ballistic Scream-Je can scream extremely loud to the point it creating an space-time portal so he can travel easily between two distances.

Video Game Mechanics-He can copy any moves from fighting games and can automatically kill anyone with video game punch this punch turns you into an 18-bit pixilated human and you start to breakdown.

Endgame Technique:Earth-shattering Slam-He grabs you jumps into the stratosphere and then turns around and slams into the ground creating an deep creator.This move is extremely powerful and no one can move after this used and it lives up to it's name it really shatters the ground.


His powers can't work in water.

Users of electric based powers can weaken his control over technology.

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