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Vital Information

Real Name: None

Aliases: None

Age: None appears in his early 30s

Gender: Appears male

Alignment: Evil

Race: None, Illusory Being

Goals: None

Character Biography

Frost is the embodiment of Bastion's guilt about any acts of apathy, carelessness and coldheartedness he has committed in the past, he is a telepathic illusion formed by Tartarus but his powers are sourced from Bastion's telekinesis. He takes the form of a man made out of ice.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ice Manipulation
    • Icicle Projection - Frost can utilise Bastion's abilities to create telekinetic spikes however the visual effect is the work of Tartarus
    • Freezing - Frost can utilise Bastion's telekinesis to hold an object in place and molecularly make it more fragile however the visual effect and cold feeling given off are the work of Tartarus
    • Ice Slide - Frost can levitate using Bastion's telekinesis but the visual effects are the work of Tartarus
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