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Vital Information

Real Name: Frankie (Most likely short for Francesca, surname unknown)

Aliases: None

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Race: Metahuman

Goals: To escape Genecorp and to protect innocents

Character Biography

Frankie escaped Genecorp with Breezefall and Andy, not much else is known about her past, she seems to be in some form of relationship with Andy.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sound Manipulation
    • Energy Blasts - Frankie can condense sound into red concussive beams/explosions
    • Hypnosis - Frankie can manipulate sound into yellow waves of hypnotic energy
    • Beacon Emission - Frankie can transform sound into a blue wavelength capable of beckoning
    • Vertigo Inducement - Frankie can shape sound into a green pulse that causes opponets to lose their balance and feel nauseated
    • Enhanced Hearing
    • Echolation
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