This is the power to warp reality via flow. Flow is dream time and the more dream time you have the more powerful the flow will be this is a power that can't be copied no matter what. This is the opposite of Mode.


You can warp reality via dream time this works where ever you want as long as you have dream time anything is possible. This power is different for everyone who uses this A [[Tōjū]] is the only one who can channel this power


Flow Warp-You can change the flow and reality in a area this can be used to do amost anything you can think of.

Flow Sight-Avery Jackson is a master at this. One with this ability can see the flow around and erase it.

Flow Motion-You can control the vectors of objects with flow.

Flow Time-You can control time via flow.

Flow Life-You can warp the flow of life and bring back living things and dreams.

Flow Sync-You can sync up your flow with someone else's and team up and use flow.

Flow Body-With this you can make your body into flow becomind nigh-omnipotent.


  • The Mode can beat this
  • Dark energy can weaken this
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