She is Aoi Gelel's persona in the form of truth. She is powerful and many other persona she has an weird intrest in Avery Jackson and Narunosuke.


Nice and intelligent she is one ledgendary persona and not many can beat her.


Metal Mimicry-She can turn her body into platinum making her heavy and invulnerable to physical attacks but she can use any other powers when in this form.

Spacial Slicing-She cut holes in space and time.

Spatial Manipulation-She can control space at will in any way possible.

Lie Detection-She is the persona of truth so she can tell when someone is lying.

Diplomatic Immunity-She is immune to all laws but not the laws of physics.

Boundary Manipulation-She can control boundaries when completely insync with Aoi.

Power Negation-Just by being near her your powers don't work all powers omnipotence as well.[Omnipotence is only voided when in complete insync]

Flash Step-She can move at the blink of an eye.


  • Lies weaken her
  • Dark energy
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