The Great Darkness











High Elf (Formerly)



Exterminate all life from the Dimensional Universe and recreate it in his image.

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Fanoxean is a malevolent entity who played a role in the extermination of the High Elf race and the destruction of their home world. He is responsible for banishing Tinisha Dolaira to twenty-first century Earth. Now he is among the Young Guardians' greatest adversaries.

Personality and Traits

Fanoxean is an epitome of pure, undiluted evil. His demeanor has an unnatural coldness with a complete lack of empathy and is devoid of any form of care or compassion towards all forms of life. A sadist, Fanoxean takes great pleasure in the misery and suffering of others, such as when he banished Tinisha Dolaira from her world and when he helped exterminate an entire dimension. He is also frighteningly cunning, evidenced when he systematically targeted each of the Young Guardians in an attempt to use Tinisha's compassion and love towards them against her and he took great amusement in the misery he was giving her. Fanoxean also possesses both a severe superiority complex and a messiah complex towards those around him, believing himself to be the only one who can perfect the Dimensional Universe to ultimate glory. However, he only believes he can achieve this goal by completely destroying the Dimensional Universe and remaking it in his image.

Powers and Abilities

Transcendent Demon Physiology: As a supernatural being, Fanoxean possesses colossal strength, speed, and limitless stamina. Fanoxean's demonic power has been said to be great enough to destroy entire dimensions, which allowed him to exterminate all life in Tinisha Dolaira's reality and reduce it into a barren wasteland. This overwhelming demonstration of destructive power earned him the title, "The Great Darkness". His physical capabilities were enough for him to fight a Val'Dren-enhanced Tinisha on even footing on at least two occassions.

Regeneration: One of Fanoxean's greatest abilities is being able to regenerate from literally any injure, even fatal ones like having his head shredded by gunfire. His regenerative powers are such that he could even survive without his head and that Tinisha herself openly acknowledged it would be virtually impossible to kill him. In addition, any piece of flesh that separates from him transforms into other creatures of darkness, such as dragons.

Master Swordsman: Fanoxean is a skilled and proficient swordsman who could fight a warrior as experienced as Tinisha Dolaira on neutral footing. He possesses at least two distinct fighting styles. One technique involves the usage of savage two-handed strikes to pummel his opponent into submission while the other is an aggressive one-handed style that relies on range, precision, and economy of movement rather than strength. Fanoxean's versatility in swordsmanship is such that he could even wield a weapon with two blades.

Dark Magic Practitioner: Fanoxean is an exceedingly talented practitioner of dark magic. His most favorite spell is being able to cast Black Lightning on his opponents, which takes the form of overwhelming electrical storms that complete envelope his targets. Fanoxean's sorcery also allows him to summon serpents from his mouth that turn into his weapons. His mastery of magic allowed him to alter his appearance, which allowed him to infiltrate the LAPD Station.

Chrysalis Form

After acquiring a certain amount of negative energy, Fanoxean took on a new sinister form with greater powers and abilities, such as:

Impossible Speed: In this form, Fanoxean's speed increased to the point in which he could impale Patrick Donovan before he or his fellow Young Guardians could react.

Immense Durability: Fanoxean's physical durability increased to the point in which he could withstand an overwhelming barrage of attacks from the Young Guardians and walk away virtually unscathed. His regenerative capabilities increased even further to the point in which he could instantly heal from multiple fatal injuries at the same time.

Dark Energy Beams: Fanoxean can unleash overwhelming beams of dark energy from the mouth of the skull in his abdomen. The force of these beams can generate powerful shockwaves that blow away everything near the beam.

Colossal Form

After his Crysalis Form, Fanoxean took on a giant, monstrous form that was more than thirty stories high. However, this form was a double-edged sword. Although this form explosively augments Fanoxean's offensive powers, it negates all of his defensive powers, including his regenerative abilities. The abilities that were included in his arsenal included:

Overwhelming Strength: Because of his immense size and stature, Fanoxean possesses unimaginable physical strength, but his unmatchable size and strength sacrifices his speed and maneuverability, allowing smaller and more agile opponents to outpace him.

Immense Durability: Fanoxean's physical durability increased to the point in which he could survive a direct hit from one of Triple Ace's Big Kahuna missiles despite sustaining grievous injuries.

Dark Energy Manipulation: In this form, Fanoxean's control and mastery of dark energy increases to the point in which he very nearly defeats the Young Guardians with a single blast that was powerful enough to completely demolish an area as large as Los Angeles.

The [EVIL] is a Creature or Being of unimaginable and unfathomable power, Not even Gods or Otherworldly beings can ever hold a candle to it's true power or form. Death even fears the [EVIL] as it's life-force is like a never ending reservoir of energy that is truly limitless, Demons cower in it's presence and Angel can't even look it in the eyes. As the name [EVIL] suggests, This creature or Being is the true embodiment of the Omniverse.

However the [EVIL] doesn't fight for a cause, But for something to do out of boredom. Since it can foresee the future nothing can surprise it anymore and fights to just pass the time. The [EVIL] isn't bound by the laws and rules of Reality, because it is far bigger than reality itself. With it's unlimited knowledge and powers, It can and will do anything it wants and absolutely nothing and no one can stop it!!!


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