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Existential Gravity is an existential force that pertains to the inherent tendency of immensely powerful entities of existence (e.g. abilities, omnipotent beings) to draw and affect very distant objects whenever or wherever they may be. Comparable to gravity in the sense that gravity affects distant objects because of the curvature in space-time, Existential Gravity curves the entirety of causality and existence unto itself, thereby having the capacity to reach out way beyond the supposed range of the subject entity. It is this curvature of causality and existence that allows immensely powerful beings to affect distant targets regardless of where they are in the omniverse (or where they are inside their own respective universe) and disregard any concievable obstacle, mainly time and space.

This partly explains the phenomena how many abilites (specially the ranged one's like telekinesis) are unaffected by certain factors like time or distance and work in absolute harmony with the rest of reality.


  • Most abilities have this, specially the most powerful one's like Reality warping and Boundary Manipulation.
  • The Dreamcatcher, along with it's other derivatives the Everblade and Existence Limiter exhibit very exceptional levels of Existential Gravity.
  • With the exception of X, Lecter has the highest level of Existential Gravity among the alterselves followed closely by Ein and Doomweaver.
  • Omnipotents easily exhibit the highest level of Existential Gravity outstripping everything else in their ability to easily influence or affect everything in existence regardless of where it is in the omniverse.
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