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Vital Information

Real Name: Malcolm Cortis

Aliases: The Eclipser, The Eclipsist

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Alignment: Evil

Race: Human

Goals: To corrupt everything in the universe including Nimbus and the Empyreans

Character Biography

Malcolm Cortis was always good, he was selfless, generous, respectful, humble and kind. But bad things started to happen, his father died from cancer, his girlfriend left him for another man and his ideas for a book had been stolen by a close friend and then the novel became incredibly succesful. Malcolm decided that good wasn't working for him and comitted every evil act he could possibly think of, the Blackwatch saw an entirely corrupted spirit and used their power to teleport him to their planet Spectreus and gift him with powers from their Malincandae but Malcolm showed his true evil and absorbed all the power from the Malincandae and used it to slay the Blackwatch claiming that they were not really evil and were just acting as an opposite force to the Empyreans. With a twisted sense that evil was the moral high ground, he stated that 'the equinox is over, now is time for the eclipse' and became the villain Eventide.


Eventide is the embodiment of evil and exudes all of it's properties including selfishness, disrespectfulness, resentment, greed, rage, lust and apathy.

Powers and Abilities

  • Malincandae - Eventide's body contains the Blackwatch power source, a dark flame intended to counter the benevolence of the Empyrean Celestial Flame for eternity
    • Darkness Manipulation - Eventide can summon and manipulate evil darkness which he usually shapes into whips, tendrils and javelins
    • Super Strength - Eventide can lift approx. 10 tons over his head
    • Super Speed - Eventide can run approx. 25 mph
    • Super Durability - Eventide can withstand bullets, fire, lack of oxygen and lacerations
    • Corruption - Commonly refered to as 'eclipsing', Eventide can turn people into negative versions of themselves via eye contact, it is unknown if this brings out there dark side ot simply spawns evil within them


  • Celestial Flame - Eventide is incredibly vulnerable to the Empyrean power source as he is pure evil, this means he can be defeated by Nimbus
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