[Kawasemi]: Hey wait so you claim you have candy prove It if it's real?

[Ryan]: Yeah Mr.Pedo.

[Kawasemi]: Shut it polly parrot I can handle this.

[Chibusa]: Oh thank Mr.Knight but are you sure you can win?

[Kawasemi]: I'm sure I can protect a hot chick and a boisterous little dude from the manifestation a the internet meme Pedobear.

[Chibusa]: Well your very cocky Mr.Knight but is name is Ado Haramaki.

[Ryan & Ado]: WHAT DID YOU CALL MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Shina]: He called you the manifestation of the pedobear.

[Ado]: I know what he said so you wnat to play Mr.Tough-Guy? So you get to die likw one.

[Kawasemi]: Actually I'm Mr.Knight and you won't touch a single hair on these two girls' haed. Ryan you are a girl you know what never mind I'll ask you some other time because right now we don't need any perverted comedy we need action.

[Ryan]: Are you done with your monologue and yes I am in fact a--*In coming Motercycle*

[Hitodama]: *Turns off motorcycle engine and takes off helmet revealing a beautiful women with silver hari and yellow eyes.* Hey there Ado what are doing the boss wants them back at the base A.S.A.P. so get a move on!!

[Ado]: I'm trying to but their so hard to trick it's like their pyschic or something.

[Chibusa]: Well we are Espers and you guys are shadows.

[Shina]: Hey sis did you know that Ado is a pedophile?

[Hitodama]: Yep sure did and he can't even do that right.

[Ado]: Oh shut up and get them!!!

[Soldiers]: Yes sir.

[Kawasemi]: I'll protect you girls!:)

[Ryan]: I don't need no protection I can handle my own and you know it!! Now move out of my way Fisher.

[Kawasemi]: Um I don't think you can fight super powered beings with human fist?

[Ryan]: Oh right *Nervous laugh* then have at em' Fisher.

[Kawasemi]: Okay lets go bub.

[Ado]: Who are calling bub?

[Kawasemi]: Um you.

[Ryan]: Oh I thought you were talking to that girl on the motorcycle.

[Chibusa]: Same here.

[Hitodama]: Who me?

[Kawasemi]: No no I was talking to him because he's a boy.

[Ryan]: Oh really then what do you say when it's a girl?

[Chibusa]: *Reads Kawasemi's Mind* He says it means "Lets dance!"

[Ryan]: What does that mean?

[Kawasemi]: It mean "Lets Fight!!" duh.

[Ryan]: You say that like we should know what it means.

[Kawasemi]: I think we wasted enough time so now we have to wait until part three thanks a lot Ryan.

[Ryan]: What did I do?

[Kawasemi]: You wasted are time yet again Dude not cool.

[All]: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeee!!

[Ryan]: You can't blame everything on me King Fisher was the one who wasted all of our time with cheezy come backs.

[Kawasemi]: Don't put that crap on me.

[]: Hey but at least in the next one I'll do something.


[Chibusa]: You suck!!!!

The End!!

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