(Yuri): Good morning students how was you sleep last night? Becuase we have a test today:) So I hope you studied last night and well because you'll need it.

[Students]: *Groans*


(Kawasemi): Please like I need to study easy A.

(Ryan): Oh no I didn't study!! Hey androgynous teacher can I take the test some other time I didn't study!!

[Kawasemi]: Sucks to be you right now little dude.

[Ryan]: Boy?

[Kawasemi]: Yeah flat you know B-O-Y BOY.

[Ryan]: Oh screw you why I ought a....

[Yuri]: That's enough out of you two now take your test and when your done you can head to detention for disruption of the class.

[Ryan]: But he started it.

[Kawasemi]: What ever.

The two toke the test and just like teacher said they had to go to the detention room for the rest of the day along with Chibusa.

[Ryan]: Dumd jockstrap I'll kill jim next time he calls me flat and a boy.

[Chibusa]: You shouldn't think like that it's not healthy for a young women to even have thoughts like that so please stop and he didn't call you flat he just called you a boy.

[Ryan]: How did you...

[Kawasemi]: A telepath eh? So that's why you don't talk?

[Ryan]: Telepathy? You mean like Esp and Pyschic stuff? That's preposterous magic isn't real jockstrap. So stop kidding.

[Chibusa]: Sorry Ryan but the 'jockstrap' as you call him he's quite right Esp and magic is real.

[Kawasemi]: Haha I'm not as dumb as you think now am I?

[Ryan]: What does that have to do with anything?

[Kawasemi]: Can't you sense the Shadows? Oh your so Zetta slow please tell me you see the shadows Chibusa?

[Chibusa]:....*Points toward the exit*

[Kawasemi]: Yeah we're surrouned there's no escape from this room great now what?

[Chibusa]: Try using your enhanced strenght on the wall making a hole for you to jump out of and escape and then you catch us when we jump down.

[Kawasemi]: What are you crazy I'm not going to do that!! I have enhanced strenght not invulnerability!!

[Chibusa]: Just trust me and jump!!

[Kawasemi]: I hate you so much right now.

[Ryan]: Just jump please?

[Kawasemi]: Shut I'll do it. *Walks over to wall punches it* there a hole now if I die I will be sure to haunt you until you die.

[Ryan]: Whatever just jump jockstrap.

[]: Fine fine *Jumps to the first floor out of the gapping hole in the wall* Okay guys I'm alive so one of you jump before the shadows find us.

[Chibusa]: I'll jump first *Shouts to Kawasemi* I'm jumping down so catch me!!

[Kawasemi]: *Shouts back to Chibusa* Sure I'll try now jump!

Chibusa jumps down and Kawasemi catches her with ease.

[Chibusa]: Thanks my knight in shining armour.

[Kawasemi]: Well actually your the one who told me what to do so think yourself.

[Chibusa]: Oh your too modest Mr.Knight and I like that.

[Kawasemi]: Thanks:)

[Ryan]: Stop flirting and get ready to catch me Fisher!!

[Kawasemi]: Don't call me that dude!!

[Ryan]: Fisher fisher fisher watcha' gonna do about it?

[Kawasemi]: When you get down here I'll put you in a head lock then into a figure four!!!

[Ryan]: Oh you think you can beat me I'm coming down there right now so watch out Fisher!!

[Kawasemi]: I can't wait to snap your bones like a twig.

[Ryan]: Here I coooome!! *Jumps down and falls on to Kawasemi*

[Kawasemi]: *Groans face turns red* Did you have to land on me like this?

[Ryan]: What do you think I planned it like this pervert!?

[Kawasemi]: Me a pervert?

[Ryan]: Yeah you pervert now get off of me!!

[kawasemi]: Your the one on me now get off!

[Ryan]: Whatever *Stands up on Kawasemi's stomach and walks off oh him*

[Kawasemi]: Uugggghhhhh bastard!!!

[Chibusa]: Let's go!!

[Ryan]: Where?

[Ado]: How about with me kiddies?

[Soldier#1]: Tell them you have candy that'll work for sure sir!!

[Soldier#2]: No tell them that you have their parents that'll get em' for sure.

[Shina]: How about we just take them?

[Ado]: No that'll never work and you know it we some that will work Shina!

[Shina]: But sir..

[Ado]: That's enough Shina!!

[Shina]: Okay sir.

[Ado]: So are you coming or what?

[Ryan]: I thought Pedophilia is illegal in America?

[Shina]: It's illegal every where.

[Ado]: I'm not a pedophile Shina and you know it!

[Ryan]: You could have fooled me.

[Ado]: Shut and come with me kids my boss wants to see you and I have uh candy.

[Kawasemi]: Ummm no I'm eight teen years old I can drive myself.

[Chibusa]: Their shadows Kawasemi.

[Kawasemi]: I know so what do we do?

What will our heroes do now that their faced with a powerful threat?

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