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Erik Blackwall is the main protagonist of the Blackwall series of stories.


When Erik was 8 years old, he witnessed the death of his mother. He was then brought into a wealthy family to be raised.

10 years later, on the way to a very special date, Erik was abducted by the mysterious "PHANTOM" organization. There, his body was altered and transformed into a cyborg with enhanced strength.

The next morning, he awoke in his bed. With no recollection of what happened and his love life ruined, he sets out his quest to find answers while also developing into a superhero.


In his normal civilian attire, he wears mostly dark colored clothing. While out in the streets, he wears a silver-ish white jacket over a bullet proof vest and wears a helmet modeled after a white raven.


Erik views his friends and family as what fuels his inner strength. He is afraid of loosing loved ones and thus, he will go through great lengths to protect them.

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